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Is your car playing up? Is it getting on your nerves to have to take it for servicing every other week or month? Then, worry no more, All Types Automotive is here to save the day. Providing a full suite of services including Mechanical Repairs, Gas conversions, Power Steering Repairs, Brake & Clutch Repair and Roadworthy Certificate to Thornbury locals makes our garage second to none.

Mechanical Repairs Thornbury

Our professional Mechanical Repairs for Thornbury locals extends to the repair of fuel injectors, fuel feed pumps, turbo chargers, overhaul of Freon and air compressors, overhaul of water and oil pumps. Alignment of Diesel engines by checking with laser stern-tube liners and laser diesel crankcase bedplates are done professionally by our team of experts who are here to help you. We also supply high quality materials and parts for any necessary repairs and services.

Gas Conversion Thornbury

With petrol prices skyrocketing, many people are choosing to convert their vehicles to gas as it is more convenient and affordable. Our Gas Conversion Service allows Thornbury residents to take advantage of the benefits of gas, with our team being capable of doing everything from LPG conversion to Gas tuning with competency.

Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy Certificates are essential for working out whether your vehicle has a certificate of approval and is fit to be driven. All Types Automotive only issue Roadworthy Certificates to Thornbury residents whose vehicles are functioning properly. Our Roadworthy Certificate Testing involves thoroughly looking at the Power Steering, Brakes, Clutch and all other aspects for any mechanical issues. If we do notice any, we’ll fix them for you to get your vehicle to a roadworthy condition.

Power Steering Repairs Thornbury

A car needs good treatment and attention. People often complain about their car’s service and tuning, with some cars needing to be checked every other week. Neglecting your car can cost you a lot more later down the track to service and tune it. Some of the most common problems include the exhaust, brake and clutch and power steering, to name just a few. All Types Automotive’s Power Steering Repairs and Brake and Clutch Services in the Thornbury area are the reliable services you should turn to, in order to prevent future breakdowns.

Power steering is perhaps the most overlooked system in a car, yet it is worthwhile to get it serviced regularly by a professional service provider. Apart from helping you drive your vehicle more effortlessly, it provides some feedback as well about how the front wheels are interacting with the road.

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