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Car Service Preston


The all in one car services provider – All Types Automotive is here to provide you top quality car repairs, efficient car service, effective mechanic services as well as issuance of an authentic roadworthy certificate in Preston! Taking into account the condition, age, and make of your vehicle we can complete an unmatched car service that Preston residents can trust to keep the health and quality of their vehicle at the highest standards.


All cars require regular repair and maintenance so that they keep running well. As an expert of providing car service and car repairs in Preston, we have gained an insight into the electrical and mechanical works of all kinds of cars. We understand all cars inside out and therefore we know how to conduct a thorough diagnostic before beginning to work on your car.

Mechanic Preston

Our ability to carry out a detailed and accurate diagnostic helps us in performing the correct car repairs on the cars of our Preston clients. A correct diagnostic prevents us from making unnecessary repairs – saving us the effort and saving you the cost. Also, an accurate and detailed diagnostic ensures that all the necessary repairs are made to your car so that it runs for you without breaking down.

From our clean and modern workshop our skilled mechanics help Melburnians in Preston, Greensborough, Brunswick and the surrounding suburbs solve their car’s technical issues.

Car Repairs Preston

Our experience as the top mechanic in Preston has given us the confidence to carry out professional level inspection of cars for the purpose of issuing roadworthy certificate against them. We carry out a comprehensive inspection and testing of all car components and we issue roadworthy certificate only after having ensured the condition of all important car components.


Taking into account the particular make, model, and age of your vehicle our tailored car repairs give Preston motorists lasting confidence in the handling, performance, and health of their vehicles. At All Types Automotive we understand the importance of delivering a comprehensive range of automotive maintenance services at an affordable price.

Roadworthy Certificate Preston

If you want to get your car checked for its roadworthiness or have it booked in for car repairs or a car service, bring it to us at All Types Automotive, your leading car mechanic in Preston. Your safety is our top priority and we ensure that through our roadworthy certificates. As qualified issuers of Roadworthy Certificates Preston motorists can turn to us to thoroughly inspect every system and inch of their vehicle.


With one of our roadworthy certificates, Preston vehicle owners in the suburb, as well as motorists in the surrounding areas, can increase the value and resell value of their vehicle by having out fully-certified team go over all the specific systems of your car.

Audi Service Preston

Have you begun to feel as though your vehicle is not performing to its specifications? At All Types Automotive we have the training and expertise to deliver premium Audi servicing solutions to motorists in and around the Preston area. Able to improve the handling, responsiveness, and performance of your car thanks to our personalised Audi service, Preston motorists who want to fully enjoy their Audi can trust the team at All Types Automotive.


Specialising in improving the condition of prestige European vehicles our passionate and professional mechanics and technicians can extend the health and life of their vehicle with our comprehensive servicing solutions.

BMW Service Preston

Covering everything from fluid-level checks to wheel realignments the team at All Types Automotive leave no stone unturned when working on our customer’s cars. Thanks to our focus on improving high-performance vehicles we can ensure that BMW vehicles receive an in-depth service. Our Preston clients can trust us to look after every square inch of their car’s systems.


Long-renowned for combining aesthetics and performance, BMW vehicles are the car for motorists wanting to enhance their drive. Possessing the training and experience to complete detailed BMW services, Preston BMW owners can trust us to treat their cars with the utmost care and attention.

Land Rover Service Preston

At All Types Automotive our knowledge and expertise has ensured that we can deliver a complete servicing and maintenance experience to all makes and models of vehicle currently driving on Melbourne’s roads and motorways. Our focused Land Rover servicing solutions have helped our Preston clients have lasting peace of mind and assurance in the capabilities of their vehicle.


With our knowledge, experience, and passion for all things automotive the technicians at All Types Automotive can deliver a Land Rover service for Preston motorists who want a higher-quality drive every time they get behind the wheel.

Mercedes Service Preston

For the mechanics and auto technicians at All Types Automotive we endeavour to provide our clients with the highest level of attentive assistance based on their vehicle’s specific needs and requirements. Often viewed as the pinnacle of German precision and automotive excellence Mercedes vehicles are owned by motorists who truly care about their drive. Our in-depth Mercedes service gives Preston residents and beyond confidence in the condition of their prestige vehicle.


By conducting methodical Mercedes servicing our team can ensure Preston motorists continue to have a smooth driving experience in their prestige vehicles. For more information about our approach call us today on 03 9469 2933.

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