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Car Service Brunswick

We are a team of reliable and trustworthy mechanics delivering superior car serving to clients throughout Brunswick and other suburbs across Melbourne. Thanks to our top-quality car repairs and car service. We also hold the license to issue roadworthy certificate for your car in Brunswick.

Mechanic Brunswick

As a reputed mechanic, we understand the responsibility we have to impart our services with a high level of efficiency and effectiveness and our clients in Brunswick will never see us compromise on the quality of service execution. We understand that executing accurate car repairs is important for ensuring your safety as you drive down Melbourne roads in your car. Our team can repair and maintain BMWs, Mercedes, Audi, and countless other vehicles. Our knowledgeable mechanics have helped countless Brunswick clients get the most out of their cars when travelling both short and long distances.

Car Repairs Brunswick

At All Types Automotive our goal is to keep all types of vehicles running safely on Victorian roads. Thanks to our innovative and detailed approach we can deliver lasting and extensive car repairs throughout Brunswick. Our team utilise cutting-edge analytical equipment to ensure that the cause of the issue is located and can be promptly repaired or replaced.

Roadworthy Certificate Brunswick

When our Brunswick clients bring in their cars to us for issuance of roadworthy certificate, we conduct a thorough inspection of the car before determining whether it is safe to be driven on the roads or not. Here are a few common checks your car will go through during the roadworthy inspection:
  • Inspection of the condition of the car’s wheels, rims, axle and tyres to make sure they are all in a good condition
  • Inspection of your steering system and suspension to make sure that the car can be navigated safely
  • Inspection of the car’s braking systems – one of the most important elements in determining your safety on the roads and the safety of others
  • Inspection of the car’s seats and seatbelts to ensure that the driver and the passengers’ seating is in a proper condition
  • Testing of the car signals and lighting to ensure you can indicate reliably and also drive safely during night time
  • Checking of your windows, windows operating systems and the windscreen to ensure that in case of a low impact you will not be at a risk of glass shattering inside your car
  • A thorough analysis of the car’s body and its chassis to ensure the physical durability and strength of your car
For the team at All Types Automotive nothing gives us more pleasure than delivering the highest level of satisfactory care to our clients. Whether you have a BMW, a Volkswagen, or other vehicle our servicing solutions are available from Brunswick, to Broadmeadows, and other Melbourne suburbs. If you want more details on your car’s requirements to get a roadworthy certificate or concerning any of our other services including mechanical and car repairs services, just give us a call on 03 9469 2933.


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