Coburg -Gas Conversion | Brake And Clutch | Roadworthy Certificate | Power Steering Repair

All types automotive has now extended our brilliant car mechanical services to the busy suburb of Coburg! We take pride in dealing with almost every challenging automotive problem of any vehicle. We can counter every problem ranging from brake and clutch faults, power steering troubles, Gas conversion and repairs, air-condition installation and repairs, Roadworthy certificate inspection and other minor repairs.

Brake & clutch service Coburg

Our brake and clutch repair service Coburg is one of its kind in the whole of Coburg. Our skilled mechanics are able to inspect and diagnose any faults before it is too late. At all types automotive, you can get your vehicle’s front, rear and handbrakes, disc rotor, brake drums, and hydraulic components checked and replaced.

Gas Conversion Coburg

With the skyrocketing prices of petroleum products, cut down the running costs of your vehicle by converting it to gas! This is a more eco-friendly and economical alternative to fuel. If you want to install a gas conversion Coburg kit in your vehicle, all types automotive is the right choice for you! Our workers have an experienced hand at fixing gas conversion kits in vehicles with extreme care and heedfully.

Roadworthy Certificate Coburg

Before investing in a vehicle, make sure you get it tested by a licensed automotive service provider. This not only enables you to invest at a good place, but also help you in detecting certain problems in the vehicle. We at All types’ automotive are certified to inspect vehicles and issue Roadworthy certificates Coburg to ensure road safety for all.

Power Steering Repairs Coburg

What many automotive service providers lack is the ability to confront and solve different problems associated with different vehicles? However, at all types automotive, we have worked with all kinds of vehicles, be it any make or model. Impaired power steering is one such problem that we have expertise in solving. If you are having a hard time steering your vehicle, visit or call us to get your steering racks and steering fluid levels checked and adjusted.